What to expect when you’re…Interning


Well, Folks!

It is officially welcome week here at my hosting school for internship! And, by welcome week I don’t mean lovely hugs and greetings from my new students… I mean no kids yet just meetings, modules and professional development! BUT, don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining! I am simply enjoying the process of “teachering” and thankful to be welcomed with open arms into such an amazing school and community!

Like most of you student teachers that are experiencing all of this for the first time…we are in for many new beginnings, rude awakenings, and shattering misconceptions of what the teaching profession is all about!

It’s not all sunshine, rainbows, and lollipops, Folks! Its not working 8:30-3:30 and wonderful summer vacays! Sorry to disrupt your lovely perceptions!

Luckily, my perception of a “teacher” was shattered long ago and I am signing on for all of the right reasons and I want to be here for all the scrutiny, blood, sweat, and tears. Bring it on! 🙂

So, How did I prepare? How has my first week been going? What have I been doing? What am I planning you may ask!?

I was placed in Grade 3, by the way!      

I began my journey by visiting my school (the end of the school year before I started interning) to meet the staff, students and get a feel for the community! Most importantly to introduce myself to the Principal (potential employer is always our hope, right?) and my cooperating teacher (this relationship and outcome is critical for employment AFTER internship. First person potential employers will call!). I created a quick relationship with my co-op, exchanged our best contact information and discussed briefly the expectations of the coming fall!

Over the course of the summer preceding my internship, I conversed back and forth with my co-op just enough to get a vague idea of what to expect and prepare for but hopefully not enough to annoy her with my hounding questions!

What units do i get to prepare!?

I chose math and science! I planned out a math unit (my first choice) for outcome N3.1 (Saskatchewan FYI) Numbers to 1000. Get at me if you have taught this and have any ideas/suggestions/materials to share! Likewise, if you would like to take a look at mine! I also briefly planned and prepared for the science unit on plants as that is my second choice and I am not overly sure how many I need to prepare for!

What else did I plan for?

I made lots and lots of lists! Brainstorming all off the things I want to try out during my internship! Let’s be honest, now is the time while you have guidance and support from a caring co-op to break your fall if it happens!

I made lists of all of the classroom management techniques I wanted to cover (with multiple suggestions/ideas for each overarching topic), Technology and Apps I want to test out and incorporate into my teaching (what kid doesn’t LOVE technology, right?), and exciting projects, crafts and other exciting Pinterest ideas that could be incorporated into my grade level curricula!

Most important of all…I made an awesome Pinterest board to get me excited!!

What now?

Create a beautiful little binder with all of your thoughts and ideas (because all teachers love to make things pretty!) including your unit plans, lesson plans, professional development goals and any other useful documents you may want on a daily basis. Get a day planner/calendar of some sort to jot down all of your important days and reminders (because there will be tons!).

Be prepared and be open-minded.

Take risks.

Be you but be open to change and suggestions (whether you use them or not).

Take all of your knowledge and creativity and SOAR!





(I have attached a few general and helpful lists that I have made)

Best Apps for the Classroom 

Classroom Management Internship