Hello From The Other Side

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Good Evening fellow bloggers!

My name is Lacey Bauche and I am currently studying in my second year of the primary education program at the University of Regina. My hometown is Redvers, Saskatchewan but my family has moved around numerous times throughout my lifetime. I have lived in Kipling, Saskatchewan now for the last 11 years or so, which is a record for us!

My main interests and hobbies that I guarantee will become very apparent are riding and training horses. It is a lifelong passion of mine and I spend a surplus of time with this activity. I train and sell horses as a means of making money for myself and paying for school. It takes a bunch of time, effort, and patience to train and teach large animals with minds of their own. Lots of this patience I sure will become a true asset in my future career as an educator I hope!

I spent six months in Montana two years ago when I was offered the opportunity to go down and work with a horse trainer. It was the experience of a lifetime and I learned more about horses and the horse industry than I ever could have imagined. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and don’t regret this experience at all but it opened my eyes to the fact that horse training wasn’t the career path that I was intended to take. I love and appreciate my horses way too much to start treating them as a job. I want to forever enjoy working with them.

My initial thoughts regarding technology in the classroom are somewhat up in the air and conflicting. I tend to have a love/hate relationship with technology, especially recently! My computer has started to act up lately and I lost all of the content on my computer. All pictures and documents from how many years of my life just vanished. It was a sad moment when I realized that nobody prints pictures anymore and literally all of my memories are gone forever. Through this ECMP class I intend to gain a better relationship with technology and will hopefully figure out more secure ways to store data and images!

I have high expectations for the use of technology in the classroom. Times are changing and technology is becoming a vital part of our lives regardless of us liking it or not. I chose to take this class to be better prepared for this reality. I do believe that technology has a lot to offer if we can teach ourselves and our students to use it in a proper and productive manner. I look forward to becoming more literate in the technological world!


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