What’s on your Feedly? Here’s what’s on mine!

I have finally caved and decided to sign up for the Feedly RSS Reader! Blogging, Tweeting and other such forms of social media are somewhat foreign to me so it has been quite the journey thus far! I am trying to keep an open mind and go with the flow. I am even trying to ENJOY it!

So my first step in this process was signing up for the Feedly reader like I said! I signed up very easily and efficiently by using my Google account. The first search I made in Feedly was “#edtech” as I figured that was an essential category of blogs pertaining to the ECMP course and also my career as a future educator. I followed such blogs as Edutopia, EdSurge, and Edudemic along with many more. I chose these by clicking on them and reading their tagline as well as skimming through a few of their most recent blog posts. The reason for this was to check if the content that they post is of interest or relevant to myself and my career.

Aside from just educational technology, I decided that there were obviously many more categories of blogs that would be helpful for a future education! I searched things such as “#teacher” and “education” and followed several more blogs. I categorized these blogs into “Teaching” and “Classroom Organization/Planning” etc.

Once I decided that I was essentially bored of searching for educational blogs, I began searching for blogs pertaining to my particular interests and hobbies. I made categories for current events and news, for cooking, healthy eating and lifestyles, and even for horses! I am basically trying to make my Feedly reader and balanced blend of business and pleasure!

One of my favorite education blogs as of this moment is TedEd. Basically it is just a bunch of videos and short write ups on lesson plans regarding random topics! I LOVE the fact that it includes videos for the most part because I feel that I read enough as a student! It is a nice change from reading. Plus I am a really strong advocate for random bits of information. I love filling my brain with random facts and tidbits. But at the same time, when these topics actually were to come up in the curriculum, this blog would give you very interesting ways to begin your lessons on them.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 5.18.03 PM                      Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 5.17.32 PM

Just a visual of some of my EdTech related blogs and my other categories!


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