Can You Turn Stone Into Sand?


          As an up-and-coming teacher I have become blatantly aware of what I have control over and what I have no say in. In the formal planning of the curriculum, I would have to say that I basically have zero say at all. This aspect is somewhat frustrating considering I will be the one battling on the front lines and may have some of the most helpful input and experience to share in the planning process. In reality, the curriculum is often left up to people that have very little relevant experience and knowledge pertaining to the curriculum and how it is best taught.

            The fact that the curriculum sets up outcomes that are written in stone discourages many teachers and may often be seen as a dead end as well as a barrier for creativity. I try my best not to see outcomes in this way. Yes, you do have to achieve it as an end all goal but as a teacher valuing process I am aware that there are countless paths that I can travel with my students in order to achieve it. That being said, I may not have say in the formality of the curriculum but I play a vital role in the application of it. I have the final say on the information that my students receive on the way to their outcome. Will they receive a sugar coated history of our people and our province? Will they receive the bitter truth and be guided towards reconciliation on our numerous unsettling historic topics? I have that say.

            I am the one on the front lines so I will make my voice heard in any way that I can. I will play in the sand at each and every opportunity. We have more say than we like to think. Although, I am not implying that the curriculum outcomes are perfect and that we shouldn’t try to have more input into the formal curriculum making.

What do you think?


One thought on “Can You Turn Stone Into Sand?

  1. I enjoyed reading your post. I think we both feel the same way about our role as a teacher with respect to the curriculum. It is relieving when you realize you truly have power once you take away the indicators and take the opportunity to write your own. Do you feel teachers would benefit and perhaps gain more prestige if they were able to teach a curriculum they created on their own? Or perhaps, could creating curriculum pull apart the morale amongst teachers as we do all have quite differing opinions on the what and how of curriculum?


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