Do You Have a Tattoo!?


Welcome to the year 2040.

There once was this old ancient thing that our ancestors used to use to apply for jobs called a “resume”. It described all of our positives traits, experiences, and interests. This used to be the crucial ticket to getting a job. Our ancestors spent hours tweaking and polishing their resumes to boost up their profile and experiences in order to schmooze their way into a job.

Now, we have graduated into a world where hard copy resumes are no longer applicable. Like the Toronto Star Article states, anybody can write anything on a piece of paper in order to make themselves appeal more towards any certain job. There are some very eloquent writers out there that know exactly what to say in order to achieve their goal.

Our life is now plastered all over the Internet for anyone to access at any time. There is no purpose for the ancient resume because an employer can find out all of the information that they need with the click of a button. This, to me, is both alarming and beneficial in certain ways. It is beneficial in the way that creating a resume is stressful to me. You have to be strategic in the things that you write and really draw attention to your best qualities. You have to be critical and analyze your entire life’s work thus far and put it on a piece of paper. It is extremely alarming in the way that you really don’t have much say about what gets put on the Internet about you. Your digital profile, or tattoo as Cat Coode likes to call it, can escalate and detour very quickly and without your knowledge.

Once something hits the public in the form of the media, it is almost impossible to completely erase. We are giving everyone, including immature and naïve youth, the ability to create an online presence for the world to use at their disposal. The opportunities for disaster as well as hopefully success are endless. We must be aware of the stalkers, and the identity thieves while also ensuring that what gets put out there is what we WANT the world to see. What gets put out there reflects on who we are as a person, whether it is an accurate representation of ourselves or not.

Cat Coode gives some useful tips on what to do and what NOT to do in regards to your online tattoo!


One thought on “Do You Have a Tattoo!?

  1. I’d be interested in reading this article myself! I think that tattoo’s on educators tend to be frowned upon and depending on what the piece is of, that makes sense. However, I go to school with many girls that have beautiful pieces of art on their bodies with amazing colour and they are completely appropriate for the classroom but I know in the past they have worn long sleeve shirts to interviews worried that their tattoos would affect their chances of landing a job.


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