Are You a Robber?

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 5.13.37 PM

This quotation aligns so nicely with the message that essentially all of my classes this semester are trying to portray. It is becoming increasingly important to use the past in order to create a better future for our schools, students and teachers. Dewey says it best when he says “If we teach today’s student as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow”.

A relative of mine posted a quotation on Facebook today that also relates quite nicely. “If you can see the obstacles in your path, it means you’ve taken your eyes off your goal”. She never stated who the author was but I really like this quote and can relate it to almost all aspects of my life, including school.

Relating this quote to ECMP 355 is easy in the way that if I view technology and the large learning curve that tags along with it, then I will be blinded by all the possibilities and opportunities that moving forward with technology can uncover. It is so easy to get swept away and frustrated by obstacles that present themselves but progress will never occur if you can’t visualize the end goal.

My ultimate goal is to combine these two statements so that I can use the history of education’s past in order to grow and prosper for the future and visualize ways to reach productive and exciting new goals!


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