Help Me Measure My Progress

Welcome to my progress report. I believe that I am at about the halfway mark in my online learning project, which is crocheting a saddle blanket if you haven’t been following my progress thus far. The goal dimensions for my saddle blanket are 34 X 36. It is 36 in length because that is by baseline stitch but today we will measure how long it is in width! I am hoping that the measurement will say at least 17 today because that will mean I am at the halfway mark!

Watch my video below to find out the results! The suspense is killing me!

Where are we going?… HIGHER!


2 thoughts on “Help Me Measure My Progress

  1. You’re almost halfway there! It looks really good so far! I’m knitting for my learning project and I can say it takes such a long time to see results! I like that you have your mind set on what you are making and that you will be able to use it a lot! When I started to knit, I just started to make whatever and I never had my mind set on anything. It looks really good and keep up the good work!


  2. Lacey, you are doing a great job! Do not get discouraged!!! My baby blanket I planned to make for my sister is slowly turning into a hat for myself!(hahahha) Keep up the great work, I know you will get it done and you will be so happy with the end result!!! Keep going!!!


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