Those Who Have, Should Help Those Who Have Not

There seems to be a lot of negative backlash going around about the influx of Syrian refugees that are joining us here in Canada. I am not an exception of this as I continuously hear negative thoughts regarding this reality in my own home. My parents are furious about Justin Trudeau’s plans and are outright enraged and expressive about their ideas around the issue. In my experiences, I find that their opinions on this topic come from a place of naivety and being unknowledgeable on the real issues presented to these refugees. That being said, my idea for a campaign is to raise awareness on the need for acceptance and support for the refugees coming to this country and around the world alike.

People need to understand that they are coming here at this point and the best thing to do in order to deal with it is to gain acceptance, empathy and to help support them and foster a positive relationship. They are going to be living in our country and they need our help. They have been through a lot of tragic events in their life and I want to do my best to make sure that their experiences here aren’t an extension of those events.

My goal is to draw attention to the NEED for our assistance and support. I want people to understand more fully what these individuals have been through in order to bring them to this point. To show people what they have been put through might help to grow empathetic feelings within them and push them to help out in this campaign. There are a lot of very blessed people in this country that have a lot to give if they are willing to help out.

The Save the Children website has a lot of informative material and ways to help out and support refugees. You can send gifts, fundraise, donate food etc. They have support systems in place to help you in your efforts to provide for this foundation.


One thought on “Those Who Have, Should Help Those Who Have Not

  1. I feel as I have very similar thoughts to you. My parents are not Trudeau supporters and are stuck on the idea of helping those of need here, not bringing over and supporting refugees. I believe this comes back to us as educators to teaching about empathy. These are people in need, they need our support. I continue to correct my parents and call them out on their racism. However, I think that by providing students with empathy and teaching privilege we can begin to tackle these ideologies. Are we going to face criticism? Yes. Are there going to be teachers who do not agree with these issues? Yes. Parents may be angry with teaching of Syrian refugees (experienced this in my internship) but it’s our job. But the end of the line is that these are people, and they need to be supported.


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