It Takes Two

The importance of teaching Treaty Ed in schools today, regardless of the presence of First Nations within your classroom, lies mainly on the premise that it takes two to make an agreement or relationship. When the colonizers appeared on this land that we “share” today, they made a promise to share the land and exist in peace with the Indigenous peoples. This treaty promise that they made was intended to be life long. “Unlike collective agreements, which all have set expiration dates, treaties are forever.”

We often talk about this promise as if it was the First Nations people alone that are held to this agreement. We must remember that every relationship takes two. In order for this relationship to improve and grow amongst the people “sharing” this land, we need to honor the agreement made and work way harder to foster the peaceful relationships and coexistence that was once promised.

Not only should Treaty Ed be taught in schools for the fact that we are all treaty people but it is also inevitably part of the curriculum. It is an obligation and a duty of a teacher to teach the First Nations and Metis content to your students. It is outlined for you in a very self-explanatory manner just like every other indicator and outcome.

One may say, “but I am unknowledgeable about the content and have concern with offending somebody”. How is this at all an excuse if the excuse doesn’t work for any other subject matter that you may have never taught before? If this isn’t considered a valid excuse when asked to teach math then it isn’t a valid excuse when asked to teach Treaty Ed. Do your best. Become as knowledgeable as you can. Enough said.

All in all, it took two to create the treaty. It takes two to uphold it.


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