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Ask me one week ago what coding is, I would have responded with something along the lines of “not a friggen clue!” I probably couldn’t even muster up a knowledgeable guess. Even when Katia and Alec explained it to us in class last week, I still struggled to understand the concept as well as the importance. I have seen javascript format before but literally had no clue what it stood for or meant. After my hour of coding this week, I now have a somewhat better understanding of what coding is and how it could be incorporated into the curriculum. That being said, I still have an infinite amount of knowledge that could still be obtained on the subject.

I chose to explore on codecademy for my hour of coding this week. It gave me several lessons on the topic of coding and in the end I was able to create my name in a bunch of different colours. When you scroll over my name with the mouse, all the dots that create my name scatter and bounce around. It taught me how to write out and understand my coding in proper JavaScript format.

Coding is what controls our digital presence and digital world. Without it, all of this wondrous technology wouldn’t exist. Technology is bringing knowledge and possibilities to a whole new level. Coding is what makes this possible. Computers are not smart, but they are obedient. If we code and tell them what to do and how to do it, it will surely get accomplished!

Bringing coding into schools could potentially create lifelong coders that choose to continue this journey and bring marvelous new technological advances to the world. Learning to code is like learning an entirely new language. It teaches students how to follow steps and order. All in all in can be seen as useful, new and refreshing within a classroom setting. Plus, there are many ways to introduce it to them in fun and exciting ways where they won’t even realize that they are learning so much!


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