Together is Better, Snowflakes Unite


I think it goes without saying that our ECMP 355 online session was marvelous, inspirational and educational this week. I was actually elated when I got the email stating that Carol Todd would be joining us in our chat. Amanda Todd’s story resonates with me in many ways. I was young and impressionable when the tragedy occurred so I remember it clearly, was moved by it and have kept tabs on her story ever since. When we were asked to watch one of two documentaries for the purpose of this class, the choice was already made up for me in my head. I wanted to watch and learn more about Amanda Todd and her legacy.

Carol Todd is literally one of the most impressive women. She shocks me with how kind, forgiving and intelligent she is, especially in times of tragedy and despair. This became blatantly evident to me when she told the story about how that guy Facebook messaged her about her being a slut and that she should kill herself like her daughter. If someone ever was so rude as to go out of their way and say such horrendous things to me… I can almost promise that I would not deal with the situation with such grace and control like she did. The way that she was able to reach this man and essentially change his life and entire way of viewing the world is incredible. She turned an absolute tragedy into a foundation and a way to spread awareness and knowledge about the risks and dangers of the digital world. She is a walking example of making the best out of a bad situation.

This woman has a way of making the most complicating and complex situations and explaining them in such a simple way that clears out all of the cobwebs in your head. She has a talent for creating analogies, scenarios and connections with everyday life situations that make the World Wide Web sound like such a simple thing to comprehend. I especially enjoyed her comment “we wouldn’t give a 16 year old car keys without teaching them how to drive first so why would we give our kids cellphones and computers without teaching them about digital citizenship”. This statement is so very true yet a very small population would ever see it this way.

I especially loved, and plan on spreading the message about the snowflakes and their relevance in the Amanda Todd Legacy. You are someone who is unique and cannot be duplicated. That is a message that we need to be spreading to our students and beyond. Together, we make up a snowball full of individual unique snowflakes. A snowball is much stronger and can create a bigger message than a snowflake alone. Together we are better.



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