Trouble Choosing the Best Technology Tool for your Classroom?

This blog post by EdSurge exemplifies my feelings exactly regarding the topic of technology in the classroom. With the infinite number of technological classroom tools available, how are teachers supposed to navigate and know which tools are appropriate and worth incorporating into their classroom. New teachers as well as experienced teachers could potentially spend too much of their time researching valuable classroom tools to incorporate and then end up choosing to use technology that wasn’t the most appropriate for the lesson that they were intending. It is overwhelming and offsetting in my opinion. This aspect could make me feel inadequate and force me to stray away from using technology altogether.

This post explains this feeling that I have regarding technological tools in a very self-explanatory way. To go beyond this, it also lays out resources for teachers to quickly and efficiently peruse for the technological tools that will prove the most useful for their classroom and subject.

For example, The EdSurge Product Index categorizes online tools by grade level, category, and learner’s needs. Each tool that is suggested has a critique about the product and outlines the strengths and weaknesses to better help you choose the appropriate tools for you!

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Many other sites are suggested that outline similar information for teachers. They all have the same goal of providing teachers with the materials that they need in order to choose the best technology for their classroom.

Don’t waste your time through trial and error, Let these resources help you in your decision making process!